My Family Tree is a Topiary!

My mom is a huge genealogy buff and has researched several branches of our family tree back to the 1200’s and beyond.

She discovered that three of William Shakespeare’s grandparents were from our family tree!

That section of the tree is so tangled that it gets really hard to wrap your mind around – instead of branching out, it is grafted back onto itself like a fancy topiary tree.

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A Postcard from Georgia, My Childhood Home

Georgia is a beautiful place,

. . . from the foothills of the Appalachians . . .

North Georgia Mountains

. . . to the sunny coast . . .

Pre-Dawn on Tybee Island, GA

Dawn on Tybee Island, GA

. . . from downtown Atlanta . . .

The Atlanta High Museum of Art

. . . to small town Decatur.

View from my Childhood Home

My Childhood Home

The weather is usually nice . . .

Making rainbows with a garden hose

My Favorite Tree

. . . but it does get cold, too . . .

Wow! Three Inches of Snow!

Ice is what we usually get

Y’all should come and visit some time!

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1986 to 1987 — Early Automotive Era

A Visit to Nanny’s House

Summer 1986 — Sarasota?, FL

Mom, Dad, and I

We went to visit my mom’s mother, Nanny and her husband Papa Don. I can’t remember if they were living in Sarasota or Stuart at the time.

I loved that black dress.  It had 30 little black buttons all the way down the front.

My mom and step-dad were short, red-headed, and of Irish descent — my little leprechauns.

On The Way To Work

Summer 1986 — Decatur, GA

My mom, the avid photographer, snapped a series of photos of me as I was leaving for work one day.  She kept pestering me and finally got me to laugh.  I was working in a nurses’ uniform shop, which explains the white lab coat (no, I wasn’t a “mad scientist” yet).




Driver’s License — Overcast Sunny

Winter 1987 — Clarkston, GA

Overcast Sunny

I wasn’t always so cheerful, though.  My dad called me “Partly Cloudy” for much of my moody teenage years.  I wore a lot of black clothes and black makeup and had my fair share of teenage angst and rebelliousness.  Here’s a copy of my replacement driver’s license after losing my purse and waiting forever at the DMV with my dad.

Decatur High JR/SR Prom

March 1987 — Decatur, GA

Prom 1987

I went to the Junior/Senior Prom with my high school sweetheart, Mc.  I made my dress and got an employee discount on the shoes for a total expenditure of $35.  The fabric is blue cotton sheeting with white lace and full lining.  I also made the crinolines.

Japan Summer Exchange Student Orientation

Spring 1987 — Atlanta, GA

Love Football

I won a competition to become a foreign exchange student in Japan. The trip was sponsored by the United States Senate and the Japanese Government. Two students from each state were chosen to spend two months with a host family. Me being chosen was a bit of a Cinderella story.

Driving Around With Mc

Spring 1987 — Atlanta, GA

Weird Stuff on Sidewalk

Mc and I didn’t always have money for fancy outings — sometimes we’d just drive around Atlanta, talk, and listen to music. It may sound like a super cheap date but we really enjoyed spending time together and learning all about one another. One day we were just driving around and saw this weird stuff on the side of the road.

The Atlanta High Museum of Art

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My Posh PC Set Up

I was reading a lovely post about nothing ( in which the author asked about his readers’ blogging spots.

While I’m new to blogging, this is my PC setup.

These photos show my pale green wing-back recliner, wireless keyboard, and monitor on a 2-ft arm.

Since these photos were taken, I’ve switched the positions of the desk and the bed so I’d have a better view out the windows while working.

If I have a lot of typing to do, I use a (wired) split keyboard which I affixed to a wooden lap desk (see photo #2, above) with Velcro.  The “bean” shape of the lap desk, the split keyboard, and the Velcro enable me to position the home keys exactly where my hands naturally land in my lap.

I adhered an optical mouse pad to the lap desk and use a wired mouse, tethered with more Velcro (better than the wireless mouse, which kept sliding off).  Sometimes I even use a number pad, placed between the keyboard sections.

Then I custom cut some MDF (medium density fiber board), adhered laminate counter top, painted the edges, and set it upon several short bookcases to create a durable desktop.

All the lap desk cords are strapped together and plugged into the USB hub (see photos #3 & #4, above & below), which I attached to the underside of the desktop with even more Velcro!

[NOTE TO SELF:  Buy Velcro stock.]

It’s a pretty posh setup and quite comfortable — sometimes too comfortable!  I have to be careful not to fall asleep.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of this computer equipment, check out my SoSaysSunny Amazon Store.

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