My Posh PC Set Up

I was reading a lovely post about nothing ( in which the author asked about his readers’ blogging spots.

While I’m new to blogging, this is my PC setup.

These photos show my pale green wing-back recliner, wireless keyboard, and monitor on a 2-ft arm.

Since these photos were taken, I’ve switched the positions of the desk and the bed so I’d have a better view out the windows while working.

If I have a lot of typing to do, I use a (wired) split keyboard which I affixed to a wooden lap desk (see photo #2, above) with Velcro.  The “bean” shape of the lap desk, the split keyboard, and the Velcro enable me to position the home keys exactly where my hands naturally land in my lap.

I adhered an optical mouse pad to the lap desk and use a wired mouse, tethered with more Velcro (better than the wireless mouse, which kept sliding off).  Sometimes I even use a number pad, placed between the keyboard sections.

Then I custom cut some MDF (medium density fiber board), adhered laminate counter top, painted the edges, and set it upon several short bookcases to create a durable desktop.

All the lap desk cords are strapped together and plugged into the USB hub (see photos #3 & #4, above & below), which I attached to the underside of the desktop with even more Velcro!

[NOTE TO SELF:  Buy Velcro stock.]

It’s a pretty posh setup and quite comfortable — sometimes too comfortable!  I have to be careful not to fall asleep.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of this computer equipment, check out my SoSaysSunny Amazon Store.

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